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OMG Video Packages

Website and Social Media Video Production Packages

Create an online media strategy through the use of video. We can produce a bespoke video package to support a full video campaign. Below is a client example of such a package that included various videos and flavours of the main video and still images:

Client - Kings Arms Free-house

Extended Promotional Video

Main Promotional Video

Teaser Promotional Video

The video runs at almost 6 minutes which is too long for a website main page but suits well for supplementary information under a “click here to watch our full video” option. Running at around 2 minutes this video would be used on your front page usually, welcoming visitors, delivering the 'Who you are', 'What we do' , and 'Why choose us' messages. Quick and to the point. Perfect to whet the appetite of a possible customer using your social media . The video delivers a call to action within 45 seconds.

Specific Service Promotional Videos, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

A number of stand alone videos, with a specific focus, that can be added to social media or a specific page on the main website to generate focused interest in a service, product event etc.

Still Images Captured From Video

Setup of your YouTube Channel


We will save a number of quality still images from the video we capture, perfect for social media posting to enhance simple text posts. In terms of online visitors YouTube is the 3rd busiest website after Google and Facebook. We will setup your own bespoke YouTube channel and place your videos to gain as much exposure and high rankings as possible.

Mob: 0778 869 7669

Tel: 0843 462 0172