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Lizard Pictures has broad industry experience and offers many video production genres, including: events, products, services, testimonials , training videos etc. Speak to us for your bespoke solution.



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Some more details on our more popular videos genres

Business Overview Video Production

If your business was a movie this style of video would be the trailer. Quickly engage users by showing who you are, what you do, and why a website visitor or social media user should choose you. Such videos are best placed on the front page of your website to draw in your visitors quickly and deliver your message concisely but comprehensively.

Event Video Production

The Lizard Pictures event video production service is available for events holders and venues. Whether you are wishing to promote your facilities online or if you are heading up your own event. Please take a look at our event showreel for one of our US based clients who were hosting in Paris.

Explainer Video Production

Think Blue Peter, but without the "here’s one I made earlier". A great way to showcase the intricacy and skill in your product or service. Explainer videos are the ultimate virtual sales person, creating a more compelling and interactive point of sale. Videos increase peoples understanding of the product or service by 74%.

Product Video Production

Video is the perfect way to showcase a product or products on your website and social media. A video gives more scale to products and allows people to take a closer look, in three dimensions,and a more in-depth look at a product. The addition of a voice over or the presence of sales person will build an increased sense of trust and confidence in the viewer. Think of all the satellite shopping channels!

Services Video Production

Websites can take a fair amount of text to get a service description across and in doing so can lead to user distraction or simple loss of interest. 1 minute of video equates to 1.8M words meaning you can deliver a huge amount of information quickly and concisely through a compelling video production.

Leisure & Tourism Video Production

Most people looking for a family day out, a hotel or an annual subscription to a gym will always take a look at your business on their mobile. Most will usually look at more than one business in your industry so stand out from the crowd with your own promotional video. Again the use of voice over or a friendly face will give your business the edge.

Testimonial Video Production

We all know the importance and value of online testimonials for our websites, but there is no better way than to promote trust, credibility and confidence than if the person doing so is in front of you, video testimonials feel personal and are engaging and can be used on websites and across social media.

Customer Generated Content Video Production

We can also create video from your existing content or stock content you wish to purchase, including your own video or still images and add depth through, text, voice over and effects.

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Tel: 0843 462 0172