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Lizard Pictures
Promotional and Marketing Video Production for Websites and Social Media
Latest Lizard Pictures Video Productions Why video? Video packs a punch, it makes a statement and delivers specific messages with high impact imagery which the brain processes 60x faster than text. In 2014 video views accounted for over 60% of all internet traffic. A video production is the ultimate virtual sales person, creating a more compelling and interactive point of sale. Video gives more scale and dimensions over other website mediums, allowing customers to take a closer look at your service or product, in greater detail and depth. A promotional and marketing video is the most effective and engaging form of storytelling giving you the opportunity to deliver the personality and individuality of your product or service like no other media can. We do everything from short documentaries to event promotions and all manner of product and service focused short films. Please have a look at our client work and get in contact with us to discuss bringing your marketing strategy to life. OMG Video Packages

Mob: 0778 869 7669

Tel: 0843 462 0172